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crystaline structures, add chlorine and salt. 

metal tools and plastic mesh, fish out the tadpoles but keep them at arms length.

dump the remnants into the overkept lawn. 

the tiny frog can't swim, it's melted to the tile. scrape the dry reptillian flesh to keep the mosaics clear, beauty is found within the backyard pool. 

let it sit under a plastic tarp. replace the frog with a bulky white machine, long tube,

a life-form more admirable when it does me good.  

the chemicals swim into your pores. the chemicals melt the leaves into pulp.

algae tries. feeling green looking at the neighbor's blue. 

a seafoam color overlays the neon plastic octopus sitting at the bottom- you can see it more clearly with your goggles strapped tight to your face. protect your eyes

avoid the fog vision. 

your hair turns green, brittle, and the ends separate from one another.

you can't wash the feeling of dry. 

shock the water to keep it clean. avoid contact with natural beneficial bacteria. 

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