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this is the future!..[yes, this is the future.] 

how do you feel, little clownfish? 

what about you Moorish Idol, Zanclus cornutus, what? corn nuts?

the motherfucker from the fish tank that saved nemo?  

then there’s this yellow guy, i don’t know i just know he’s in the lamp and the other ones name was too weird. 

a moving picture creates the illusion of water and tropical fish in motion. multi colored artificial fish. did you guys think it was a real fish? we’d never be so cruel. actually it’s an artificial fish. idiot. 

there’s a spot between plastic and air..’;.. purgatory or the interstate./..=where you are rotating and you are..’’;] travelling the path, ;.’.

A virtual Ocean in Motion. 

you’ll be happy to know that this is actually Realistic Tranquil (my favorite) and also peaceful soothing beautiful deep-sea environment. especially for home or office. 


[ you pass my wall you pass my room 

spin spin spin spin spin!

[‘,you are static,’] but in mo .;[tion. A virtual Ocean in Motion. 


actually i’m not so sure it’s a great stress buster because i think the l;ittle guys in there are quite stressed out because what if they feel trapped? what if they feel weird? do you think there’s a sense of existential dread in the virtual Ocean in Motion? do you think they feel imposter syndrome like maybe they aren’t moving fast enough or like my fin kind of looks weird at that angle and i don’t even look like a real fish but i want to be a real fish but i don’t even breathe underwater like that. i’m a plastic fish target species fish material plastic. i don't want to die i don't want to be trapped in here what happens when my world just stops moving


target species: fish

material: plastic

we made a new you so we didn’t have to take you from the you and then you would be with us and then the you wouldn’t be you so now we have another you and in order to have another you we have to make that you do the you things that you do such as swim in a circle over and over copy-pasted onto a plastic screen that’s coated in plastic and then covered with more plastic and you spin round and round in a path that is supposed to remind you of home does it remind you of home i don’t think we know how to simulate your home but maybe if we make the home we made for you really your home then it’ll be more accurate so for now why don’t we just try that instead of really making the new you who isn’t you the fake you a real you and making it home. 


i’m also not so sure it’s a great stress buster because now i’m staring at these fish spinning around hypnotically but sometimes the light flickers a little Very easy to install. No maintenance required. Approx 12 x 10 inches.It is 110V with USA Plug and it stalls kind of or the plastic gets really weird and folds around a little bit 

and then the virtual ocean is no longer in motion but i want it to be in motion

so maybe i can put it back in motion if i put it back in the ocean 

do i flush these down the toilet too or is that a poem for another time 

Lightahead is a Registered Small Business based in United States.

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there is Light ahead.

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